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Beautiful Basecamp check-in statistics

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Monitor your teams's  check-in answers with this simple tool!

If you have a scheduled check-in in your Basecamp you know that it is hard to track if the team is really engaging.

Is there a way to see who is more responsive and to which question?

Well, let's see!

Ah nice! All you need to know about  automatic check-ins is all here!
Filter statistics by date
Daily updated data
Downloadable reports
The easiest setup

With just a few clicks C!Stats will create unique reports to show who is more active on your Basecamp!

1. Log in with your Basecamp account. C!Stats will only analyze your team's check-in related data to respect your privacy.

2. Choose which check-in you want to monitor and create a report. Reports are updated daily!

3. You can access the report and filter data by date to see how responsive your team was in a given time.


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